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If you wonder about Brac population I can tell you a lot, especially about its people. It is important to point out a couple of things that speak for themselves. On Brač there are about 14 thousand inhabitants which are all settled down in 22 bigger or smaller cities and places, we will call them settlements.

Supetar – Supetar is a small town on the north coast of Brač. Supetar has been established around a small bay Sveti Petar, and off course it was named after it. Supetar is placed on the north coast of Brač and represents it’s administrative, economic and tourist centre. In its surroundings is an area full of vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees. The most important role in its existence has tourism and fishing, chief occupations include also livestock (sheep) breeding. Supetar has its own port. It is one of the most attractive tourist places on the Adriatic Sea and is known for its great tourist offers.

On Supetar there are beautiful, long sandy beaches surrounded by pine forest. So, if you are in search for beaches to relax and have a little sun, search for Mirca on the west side and Splitska on the east side of the city Supetar. Supetar is also a place rich in its cultural, historical and artistic inheritance.

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Positra – Positra is a settlement also on the north coast of the island Brač. Positra has a small pier. It is not difficult to put ashore on this coast for a small boat. With a bigger boat you should rather go to Supetars port. However, in Positra you can find a lot of bays good for swimming. All of this and probably much more for an optimistic researcher is hidden under protection of pine trees.

People of Positra also work a bit of agriculture, fishing and of course tourism. A lot of Croatian history is placed in this small town. In Positra were born the great Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor and also the poet Ivan Ivanisevic. In this little place you can for real feel that specific Mediterranean mood on its colourful historical parts.

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Bol – Bol is the only settlement on southern side of the island Brač. Name of this city – Bol, comes of word vallum meaning fortes with palisades. Of course, this city has a very rich and long history with a lot of archaeological proves to confirm it. Bol is placed right under the Vidova gora and it is for sure the main tourist and vacation centre of the island Brac. You have for sure been heard of Zlatni rat, beach that is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic Sea. Zlatni rat has also been protected as a natural monument. It is about thousand meters long, specific shape, covered in small stones; the sea there is so clean you almost feel purified swimming in it. Beautiful beaches in Bol are also sandy beaches in bays Martinica, Blaca, Konjska etc. As a place the existence of which is based on tourism, Bol has also a great offer of all sorts of fancy sports, among all even 25 tennis camps. Bol is famous by international women tennis tournament, which takes place there every year.

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Pucisca – Pucisca is a port and the biggest settlement on the island of Brac, more specific, on its north shore. The Port on Pucisca is suitable only for smaller ships to anchor. It is very well protected by the bay of the same name, pulled deeply in the shore. Pucisca is well known for its quarries (three big quarries) and stonecutters. People in Pucisca are also fishermen, do agriculture and tourism. History knows a lot of sculptors, stonecutters and architects from this town.

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Sutivan – Sutivan is a settlement on the north shore of the island of Brac shore. Sutivan has a little bay and beautiful beaches, the same as every part of island Brač. Cost of Brac where Sutivan lies is mostly wooded. For sure you would like to see and walk through, nearby not intrusive bay, a palm tree row.

Tradition of tourism in Sutivan has a long history. That fact is for sure very obvious in this little place. Development of tourism in Sutivan reaches in the beginnings of 20th century. Sutivan today is a very beautiful and attractive tourist place with divine beaches and comfortable villas for vacation on both sides of settlement. People in Sutivan are man of fishing, agriculture and tourism, of course.

Milna – Milna is a settlement and a biggest and the most protected port in the bay that wares the same name. It is placed on the west shore of island Brac. Milna is famous through history by its fishing and shipbuilding. Of course, people there are also a bit in agriculture, fish products and tourism.

On its shore are many beautiful bays with small stoned and sandy beaches. Some of beaches on Milna are Pasika, Osibova, Lučice, Maslinova etc.

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Povlja – Povlja is a settlement on the east side of bay which has the same name. This place is maybe the most interesting for its people which are growing olives and vine, also fishing and tourism. Povja is pretty much famous by its architecture remainings. Also one family there, dr. Joska Baice, has a private ethnographic collection which is worth to see. In Povja there are many monumental churches, basilicas and similar architecture monuments if you are interested in such things. Of course, you won’t miss the beautiful colourful beaches. Hotels: Galeb, apartments Punta

Sumartin – Sumartin is a settlement also with a port and it is placed on the south east shore of the island Brac. It was established by immigrants from Makarska and Bosna and Hercegovina when they were running from Turks. Sumartin is specific also for its dialect which is different than in other places on the island Brac. Sumartin was named by the church of Saint Martin. Sumartin is connected with a ferry to Makarska. People in Sumartin are doing a bit of agriculture and of course fishing and tourism.

Selca – Selca is a settlement on the east side of the island and it is good 2 kilometres away from the sea shore. In its surrounding there are quarries which are as well the main activities of people in Selca. This fact shows in urban arranged settlement which has developed practically out of simple village. Now in Selca stairways are of stone, terraces, balconies, fences, benches on squares, vases for flowers and even kitchen equipment is out of stone. People in Selca are stonecutters, wine growing, fruit growing and sheep raising farmers.

Nerezisca – Nerezisca is the biggest settlement in island Brac province. Nerezica is known for making aromatic oil from lavender and sage. The settlement is placed on the edge of field of Nerezisca and it is ideal to start a trip to Vidova gora. Vidova gora is, just to remind, the highest peek of island Brač which also makes Brač the highest island in Adriatic Sea. People of Nerezisca do agriculture and livestock.

Island of Brac is known also for its stone. The biggest quarries are nearby Škrip and from there were taken stones even for the White house in Washington d.c.